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Well I'm Back and Racing Again NASCAR Season 2003

So I put this site together about oh Man 14 or 15 years ago I cannot believe that here it still is the old writing has all been removed. 

So we start with a clean book, and my friends I am very excited about being back at the wheel of the good ole 740 car again. Can You Believe It!!!!

Cause I was in shock when I found out there are several places to go racing at and if you too. Will click on that link right there you to can get in the action. You of course will find a lot of information here along with links to get into the Sim Racing World of Nascar Season 2003.

Okay so as of the first of February there is a new Mod out for the Game FCRD NCS22  


So if you have any questions I will do my best to help you out as much as I can. I do hope to 


"See You on The Track"

 Michael Moore

So Just What Happened Life Happens and To Us All

cool So everyone used to know me by Badboy740 and now MichaelMoore740 I think it's better to use my Name so that is what I use now and I am proud to use it. So say hey when you see me on the track and let me know you took a look. See You On The Track

Notifying Visitors I am Working on Improvements Keep Coming back!

So along this edge, I will set up Some Quick Links to Help You Get Started.

Customizing and Personalizing My Site

So here is the first days work on the revised website for the Game I have really enjoyed so much only to find out it is still going after 15 years since they shut down the Game Servers. Pappy was right when they gave everyone who bought the game a server a Application to install a server of thier own. How many games do you know are still running 18 years after they were made. You want to know why cause it really is better than any racing sim I have ever played. I did the Nascar Heat 3,4, & 5 even the EA sports game and they really kinda cheep. So I will provide a download link where you too can get the game and you can even Paint your own cars. So I hope you all keep checking back as I am very determined to really get this Site up and Boomin.

"See you on The Track"

Michael Moore 740

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